Sheng-Hsiung Hsu 許勝雄

Chairman, Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI) / 全國工業總會理事長

│ Experience

  • Chairman, New Kinpo Group
  • Chairman, China Productivity Center
  • National Policy Advisor to the President
  • Deputy Chairman of Straits Exchange Foundation
  • Honorary Chairman, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association

│ Achievement

  • Established Kinpo Group in 1973. It was ranked in Business Week Global “Technology 100” for 9 consecutive years.
  • During his position as CNFI Chairman, he frequently offers suggestions and urges government to pay attention to the development of entrepreneurship and startups


  • 金仁寶集團董事長
  • 中國生產力中心董事長
  • 總統府國策顧問
  • 財團法人海峽交流基金會副董事長
  • 台灣區電機電子工業同業公會榮譽理事長


  • 1973年創辦金仁寶集團,獨創以創新養創新、以事業養事業理念經營,連續9年列名美國商業週刊全球科技100強。
  • 擔任公會理事長期間,經常向政府提出建言,籲請政府加強推動創新創業之發展。