Since 2014, Alvin Chiang (江志強), CEO & Founder of Bowhead Technology (巨鯨網路科技), has been an angel investor in the TMT territory in China and overseas, and also serves as a mentor for a few start-up incubators. Inspired by the emerging disruptive technologies and the startups he has been helping with, he is now preparing his own startup, aiming at the IOT (Internet Of Things) area and building a business model that combines smart devices, mobile app and services.

Alvin joined the Renren Inc. (NYSE: RENN) in November 2008 as Chief Marketing (Monetization) Officer responsible for advertising revenue, marketing, PR, and business development. Renren a real-name based social network has widely known as an equivalent of Facebook in China, went IPO in May 2011 and raised USD 1.3 billion. Alvin left Renren in December 2013 to pursue his personal interest and entrepreneurial journey. As a seasoned executive with nearly 15 years of internet and advertising experiences, Alvin was planning director at Yahoo! Taiwan, and the VP of media sales at both NetEase and the Alibaba Group before joining Renren. His past career featured entering the forefronts of internet portal, e-commerce, advertising platform, social networking, mobile internet and achieving breakthrough results in monetization and marketing.

At, Alvin built and led the entire ad sales team including brand and SME advertising from less than 100 people to up 300 people across three regional offices in China, and grew the company’s ad revenue from $4 million to the peak of $25 million in 4 years and through a IPO on NYSE, which raised $1.1 billion of capital. On the marketing front, he launched the site rebranding campaign in 2009 when the registered user base was already nearly 90 million. Other innovative acts included an exclusive partnership with Popcap to launch the first global social game, "Plants vs Zombies", in 2011, a co-branded credit card issued by the China Merchant Bank in 2012, and one globally pioneering card featuring LBS benefits.

Active on behalf of the online marketing and monetization territory and viewed as a creative thinker throughout his career in the great China region, Alvin has served as a constant jury member of China’s most influential Internet Advertising Awards from 2005 to present, and has been a frequent guest speaker and panelists for many new media and TMT conferences in the Asia region. In June 2013, Alvin was appointed as a Cyber Lions jury in Cannes Lions Int’l Festival of Creativity. He has also earned numerous awards, and was honored as one of the “Top 20 Marketing People” by New Marketing Magazine in 2006, 2009, and 2010, as well as one of the “Top 100 Influential Marketing People” by Marketing China Magazine for 6 different years. Alvin is also an industry contributor in the fast-arising mobile era. He has served in the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) in China as the co-chair from 2012-2013, and still remains on the honorary board of directors.

Alvin 江志強是一枚互聯網老兵,有近16年互聯網從業經驗,其中10年在上市公司擔任高管,包括網易營銷副總裁、阿里巴巴集團副總裁、人人公司首席營銷官;人人上市前將公司轉虧為盈,深度參與在紐交所的上市。此前也曾任職於雅虎奇摩購物產品經理、貓撲網總經理。從業經驗包括:電子商務、門戶、互聯網社區、廣告平台、社交網絡、移動互聯網等領域。

江先生曾於2012-13期間,擔任MMA China(全球MMA組織的一部分)擔任聯合主席,現任董事;同時於2013年戛納國際創意節60週年,擔任互動類評委,也是戛納互動類歷年來第一位中國評委。於2006-2013年期間有六次被《成功營銷》雜誌評為“影響中國營銷100位營銷人物”。

2014年開始成為TMT領域天使投資人,投資的項目在中國、矽谷、台灣、以色列。以色列投資的SCIO, 剛獲得2015 CES 的Last Gadget Standing投票的最大贏家。 2015年三月創辦了自己的智能硬件加互聯網服務的創業公司,巨鯨網絡科技,聚焦兒童領域。也活躍於阿里校友組織:阿里邦、前橙會,為阿里人服務。