Jackie brings with him over 15 years of venture investment experience to the team, during which he was one of the most active investors in the semiconductor industry. Jackie focuses on components, hardware, and Greater China-related investment opportunities. His active current investments include Appier, Axonne, Dcard, eJoule, HZO, Immotor, Nuvolta, Tango, UBiAi, and Winking Entertainment. Noteworthy past investments include Adwo (ACQ: Hunan TV), Montage (MONT), and SandForce (ACQ: LSI).Before co-founding TransLink, Jackie was the Senior Vice President at UMC Capital and was responsible for UMC’s investment activities in the United States and China.

During his tenure at UMC Capital, he was the founding investor in Maxlinear (MXL), Montage Technology Group (MONT), and Parade Technologies (4966.TWO), and served on the board of Praesagus (ACQ: Cadence Design System), WisChip (ACQ: Micronas), Triscend (ACQ: Xilinx), ForteMedia, Aicent (ACQ: Syniverse), and Aurora Systems (ACQ: OmniVision). He was also responsible for the investment in Silicon Wave (ACQ: RF Micro Devices), Spreadtrum Communications (SPRD), and Intellon Corporation (ITLN). Jackie started his venture career at InveStar Capital in 1996, where he specialized in semiconductor and telecommunication companies. He was actively involved in many InveStar U.S. portfolio companies, including AltiGen Communications (ATGN), Centillium Communications (CTLM), Marvell Technology Group (MRVL), Sage (SAGI) and Advanced Analogic Technologies (AATI).

He received his MBA degree from University of Missouri and B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Tsinghua University, Taiwan. In 2012, he was named to the AlwaysOn Venture Capital 100. Jackie loves coffee, and although he is trying hard to cut down these days, he can still sometimes be spotted waiting in line at Starbucks.

Jackie曾為半導體業界最活躍的投資人之一,以自身超過15年的投資經驗協助團隊。Jackie主要投資大中華區的零件和硬體產業,目前投資的企業包括Appier、Axonne、 Dcard、eJoule、HZO、Immotor、Nuvolta、Tango、UBiAi和Winking Entertainment,也曾投資Adwo、Montage和SandForce。創辦TransLink前,Jackie為UMC Capital的資深副總裁,主要負責UMC在美國和中國地區的投資案。

Jackie於UMC Capital任職期間,為Montage Technology Group、Parade Technologies和Maxlinear的共同投資人,也是Praesagus、WisChip、Triscend 、ForteMedia、Aicent和 Aurora Systems董事會的成員。他同時負責Silicon Wave、Spreadtrum Communications和Intellon Corporation的投資案。Jackie於1996在InveStar Capital展開他的投資職涯,專門投資半導體和電信公司,曾與美國多家公司往來,例如:AltiGen Communications、Centillium Communications、Marvell Technology Group、Sage和Advanced Analogic Technologies。

Jackie擁有密蘇里大學的企業管理碩士學位,和台灣國立清華大學的機械工程學士學位。他於2012年登上AlwaysOn Venture Capital百大成功資本家。Jackie熱愛咖啡。最近他正試著少喝一些,但你有時仍可能撞見他在星巴克排隊。