Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is Taiwan’s leading ecosystem builder aiming to cultivate global-minded entrepreneurs and showcase the most innovative Taiwanese startups to the world. Founded in 2015, TSS has already served 150+ startups with 100+ mentors, 500+ investors & 30+ corporations. In addition to a broad network of ecosystem players, we also provide solid coaching programs through extensive bootcamps, workshops & seminars to empower entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their startup journey and build a startup ecosystem throughout Asia.

全力帶領具創新潛力的台灣新創走向國際的新創建設家。2015年至今,旗下”Starting Lineup X” 會員社群已凝聚超過150家台灣新創跨領域業師(Mentor)陣容近100位與超過30家企業夥伴,免費提供國際會展、商務夥伴、科技企業鏈結、投資人媒合等夥伴資源;並透過結合國際頂尖專家陣容,籌辦新創募資訓練營(Term Sheet Bootcamp)、國際參展行前訓練、以及一對一業師諮詢等計畫,協助新創進軍國際市場,打造亞洲地區互助互利的創業生態圈。



Starting Lineup X, our FREE membership program for Taiwan-based startups! Exclusive member benefits including Partner Perks, Startup Gallery, International Roadshow, Investor Matchmaking and more!

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TSS is taking 10 Taiwanese startups to TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019 from September 29 - October 5
Join us for a FREE trip to San Francisco - we will only select 10 startups to go abroad with us!

2019 Vietnam Term Sheet Bootcamp

Want to learn Fundraising 101 taught by real VCs? Look no further, Taiwan Startup Stadium is here to help! Since 2016, TSS has held the bootcamp 4 times in Taiwan, twice in Thailand, and once for Japan and Korea, this year we’re holding our very first Term Sheet Bootcamp with VIISA and UP Co-working space in Ho Chi Minh City 🇻🇳!

👊Build stronger connections among players in the local startup ecosystem.
🤝Bridge investors and startups
✍️Educate startups on term sheets and negotiations