Accelerator Coaching

1-on-1 Accelerator Coaching 

Check out our personalized accelerator coaching program! We know that every startup has different needs, and every accelerator is looking for very different startups. SO, we are offering you the chance to work with our coaches one-on-one as you prepare to apply to overseas programs like Y Combinator, Techstars, 500, Alchemist Accelerator, and more!


The training is solid and painful...Because of this program, we got accepted to 500 Startups Batch 21. Thanks, TSS! You guys are awesome!
— Ryan Lin, CEO & Co-founder, Tripplus

How it works

The program is personalized to your startup, and scheduled to fit your busy startup life. Through 1-on-1 sessions (either in the TSS office or via Skype) and online homework from July to December, together we will:

  • DECIDE which accelerators are best for your team
  • IMPROVE your application so you'll be more competitive
  • TAILOR your answers to each accelerator's requirements
  • PRACTICE the accelerator interview until you're an expert

After the program

What happens when you've learned everything you need to know? First of all, if you've successfully completed the program requirements and we think you're fully ready to apply, TSS will send a recommendation on your team's behalf to the accelerators you've chosen. Then, if you are accepted, you'll qualify for a subsidy to help with expenses while you're abroad!



Does my team have to be a member of TSS Starting Lineup to apply?
It is not required before submitting your application, but if you do not meet the Starting Lineup program requirements, you will not be eligible for the financial subsidy. Regardless of your accelerator plans, we highly recommend you join Starting Lineup for lots of great benefits! Find out more and apply here.

The accelerator we want to join isn't until later this year. Is this our only chance?
If you are considering an accelerator with a deadline from JULY to DEC 2018, now's the time to join our program! We run our coaching program only twice a year, so apply to our next cohort next Spring if you're looking at an accelerator with a deadline in the beginning half of next year.

If we joined a previous accelerator program at TSS, can we still qualify for coaching?
Yes! Previous program attendees are still allowed to apply, but please note that if you have attended an accelerator previously and received the accelerator subsidy, you are not permitted to receive this financial benefit a second time.

Is there any cost for this program?
Nope! However, we will collect a small deposit at the beginning of the program. If you successfully complete the required assignments and coaching hours, your deposit will be returned to you in full at the end. The reason for this deposit is to ensure that you are fully committed to the program, just as we are committed to you!

My company is not based in Taiwan. Can we apply?
This program is only open to Taiwan-based startups with at least one co-founder residing in Taiwan and R&D primarily taking place in Taiwan.

I have another question!
No problem! Just use our contact form to send us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.