TSS “Founders League Mentorship Program“ is our founders alumni network connecting internationally successful startup entrepreneurs with new founders. Mentorship in the program is hands on and market relevant, as well as self-sustaining, as more program alumni go global and join the league as mentors themselves. Our mentors also include a group of seasoned industry experts who will inspire young entrepreneurs with their years of experience at home and abroad.  

TSS「創業家大聯盟學長姊計畫」的目的是打造一個交流平台,橋接具有海外市場開拓經驗的創業學長姊與未來投入創業的新血,架起台灣走向國際創業的實戰傳承體系, 也邀集多位產業資深人士一起參與。

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Founders League

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