Fireside chat:
YouTube's Steve Chen

YouTube & Nom Co-founder Steve Chen is back in Taiwan! Join us 7/7 for a lively fireside chat hosted by Tim Culpan (Bloomberg Gadfly). 我們非常榮幸邀請到 Youtube 共同創辦人、現 Nom 共同創辦人—陳士駿 Steve Chen 出席返臺唯一大型公開活動,7月7日他將分享身矽谷連續創業家對於台灣新創的觀點,與主持人Tim Culpan (Bloomberg Gadfly) 精采對談。

VR/AR Startups:
Apply Now!

Is your VR/AR startup ready for an overseas accelerator? Accelerate VR will select three teams that are ready to become the next big VR startup!  Accelerate VR 是輔導並推薦台灣VR/AR產業新創公司申請海外加速器的計畫。本次透過填寫線上表單、經審核選出 3 個具國際發展潛力的新創團隊,並提供資源加速他們到下一階段的成長!


Taiwan Startups: Apply for Starting Lineup!

We're excited to announce TSS Starting Lineup, our membership program for Taiwan startups! Join now for exclusive member benefits, like our Partner Perks, Startup Gallery, Member Day, and more!

立即申請成為TSS Starting Lineup 新創選手村的成員,將有機會參與各種國際級的培訓課程、接觸資深國際創業家及投資人。且能擁有獨家諮詢服務、社交聚會、門票折扣等好康,同時也增加獲得多家企業資源贊助、甚至代表台灣站上國際重量級新創大會曝光的機會!

Taiwan Startup Stadium opened in May 2015, and our programs and events have been rolling out throughout the year. Later in 2016, our permanent startup space will be announced, and active recruiting will begin, along with a full roll-out of major programs. Until then, you can check out what we've been keeping busy with, like our Accelerator Bootcamp and overseas opportunities like ROCK the MIC

The Founders League Mentorship Program is Taiwan Startup Stadium's network of internationally successful young startup entrepreneurs who are paying it forward by advising new founders just beginning the startup journey. Our mentors also include seasoned industry experts who inspire young entrepreneurs with their years of experience at home and abroad. 

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