Sell or DIE!

BD/Sales Workshop

Cohosted by Taiwan Startup Stadium and 500 Startups
April 7-9 @ Syntrend 11F



500 Startups & Taiwan Startup Stadium are bringing you top strategies to jumpstart your overseas sales and business dev efforts! Through an intensive three-day bootcamp with dedicated office hours, we’ll have global experts guide you through sales, marketing & business development topics to propel your startup growth!

台灣新創競技場和 500 Startups 即將帶給你最頂尖的策略模式,協助你輕鬆開啟進軍海外市場銷售、業務開發的偉大航道!透過為期三天密集訓練、並加上一對一顧問諮詢時間的戰鬥營,我們的國際專家們從銷售、行銷、業務開發等主題切入,就是要你的新創團隊更上一層樓!

This all-star team will rev up your company’s sales and biz dev abilities like never before. Back from Big Camp is 500 Startups Venture Partner Robert Neivert to elevate your enterprise selling and US expansion initiatives to new heights. Unbound CEO Daniel Seal will join us to inspire you with valuable insights on how to sell and take your business global! Also in the all-star lineup, Michael Zung, Managing Director of Fung Global Retail & Tech, will share his key to success on sales, while serial entrepreneur and Prenetics CEO, Danny Yeung, will drill and refine your soft skills such as negotiating and lead generation. This will be one jam-packed learning experience you won’t want to miss!

來看看這次的黃金講師陣容,如何讓新創公司的業務銷售能力達到前所未有的提升。暨 Big Camp 戰鬥營之後、來自 500 Startups 投資人夥伴 Robert Neivert  這次將著重在企業銷售及美國市場拓展、從來沒有極限的 CEO Daniel Seal 會分享如何做銷售以及進軍海外市場的洞見、Fung Global Retail & Tech 總監 Michael Zung 將分享他的銷售成功秘訣、連續創業家以及現任 Prenetics CEO Danny Yeung 則會開發你在銷售上需要的軟技能,例如談判協商。你不會想要錯過這一整包濃縮了所有豐富經驗的活教材的!


Workshops and Talks

  • 顧客銷售
  • 企業/中小企業銷售
  • 平台與工具使用 (集客式行銷與銷售)
  • 業務開發 (美國市場開發, 拓展國際業務)
  • 銷售駭客 (BANT架構、銷售漏斗, 銷售流程)
  • 軟技能 (談判協商、培育潛在客戶、處理異議)
  • Sales for Consumers
  • Sales for Enterprise/SME
  • Platforms and Tools (inbound marketing and sales)
  • Business Dev (Expanding to US, growing international business)
  • Sales Hacks (BANT framework, sales funnel, sales process, etc.)
  • Soft Skills (negotiating, nurturing leads, objection handling, etc.)

1:1 Office Hours

  • Sales and/or Business Dev. consultation with a member of the Sell or DIE! all-star team! 
  • Details on how to schedule office hours will be provided upon registration.
  • 對 Sell or DIE! 學員的銷售/業務開發之專業指導諮詢時間
  • 一對一指導申請辦法會於報名成功後由TSS寄出詳細說明


1. Must be a tech startup, with R&D primarily taking place in Taiwan
2. Team must have at least one Taiwan-based co-founder
3. Must be able to demonstrate evidence of user acquisition and/or revenue generation
4. If you are a software startup, must have functional website and/or downloadable app
5. If you are a hardware startup, must have public trial version or proof of concept
6. Product must have international potential, not designed only for the Taiwan market
7. Must be fluent in English


  • 請先在活動通提出申請購買票卷
  • TSS 將於審核團隊資訊後,主動通知是否錄取
  • 請於收到同意通知信後完成付款程序並確認收到QR code為完成報名流程
  • Register first via Accupass
  • TSS will review your team information & notify you of approval
  • Upon approval notification, return to Accupass to complete the payment process and then you will receive a confirmation QR code.


General Admission

  • Single: NTD 6,000
  • 2-person Combo 雙人套票: NTD 10,000
  • TSS Starting Lineup Member 會員票: NTD 5,500
  • TSS Starting Lineup Member 會員票 2-person combo 雙人套票: NTD 8,500

Early Bird 早鳥票

  • Single: NTD 5,000 
  • 2-Person Combo 雙人套票: NTD 8,000 
  • TSS Starting Lineup Member 會員票: NTD 4,500
  • TSS Starting Lineup Member 會員票 2-person combo 雙人套票: NTD 7,500
  • TSS Accelerator Coaching & TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 Startups: Each team can receive 1 free ticket with registration. A second team member may purchase tickets at the discounted Starting Lineup Member rate.
  • Startup Partners for the Sell or DIE! Workshop may receive two complimentary tickets with registration, which can be distributed across 2 separate teams or given to 2 members of the same team.

Please note:

  • Refunds will not be issued after the payment process has been completed.
  • The event host reserves the right to alter the program content as needed.

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500 Startups is a seed fund and startup accelerator program that focuses on helping startups succeed w/ usable design, customer-focused metrics, and scalable distribution.

Taiwan Startup Stadium 台灣新創競技場 (TSS) is a hub that coaches Taiwan startups to go global and rock the world through intensive programs, strong leadership, and a broad network of global partners.


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