Cjin Cheng (程希瑾) is the co-founder of Cubie Messenger, a multimedia messenger with more than 10 million downloads worldwide. Cubie was launched in 2012 from Taiwan, users across the countries to SE Asia, Middle East, and has hit the no. 1 in social networking category in 16 countries. The top three countries are Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia.

Cubie is the third company Cjin co-founded. The first one, Willmobile, is the top selling mobile stock trading app, which was acquired by an SI company in Taiwan. The second one, Gamelet, is a social game company for teen-aged boys.

Cjin joined 500 Startups in Taipei in 2014. With the experience in Taiwan and US, Cjin would like to connect teams and resources from Taiwan and Silicon Valley. Cjin would also like to help teams on pitch preparation, fund raising, and growth of mobile apps.

程希瑾是矽谷知名種子基金暨創業育成加速器 500 Startups 的在台駐點代表。500 Startups 是由前 Paypal 及 Google 等矽谷知名公司的員工所創立,其種子基金投資遍及全球的社群、搜尋、行動等的網路應用及服務。程小姐自 2014 年加入 500 Startups,協助台灣的投資項目管理及新事業開發。

自 2004 年起成立了三家公司,2004 年她成立了隨想行動科技,是一家開發行動股市看盤下單系統的公司,在台灣券商及電信應用服務市場俱有極高的市佔率,該公司後為精誠資訊購併。2008年成立社群遊戲公司嘎姆擂台(Gamelet)。2012 年時成立 Cubie Messenger,是一款以傳輸多媒體訊息為主的行動聊天軟體,在全球逾千萬下載。