Likai is the General Manager of GTM Development. Prior to GTM, Likai was the Regional General Manager for Uber's North Asia operations, covering the Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, and Taiwan markets. He had previously co-founded Taiwan's largest pay-to-bid auction site, Bid and Buy, after having spent time with McKinsey's Greater China office and Citigroup in New York.

Likai 是勤益投資控股的總經理。在加入勤益控股之前,Likai 是 Uber 北亞區的營運經理,負責市場涵蓋香港、日本、南韓、澳門及台灣。曾創立台灣最大的競標網站 —— Bid and Buy,在更早以前曾任職於麥肯錫大中華區分公司及紐約花旗集團。