Beyond a Stadium: Embracing Change


As you may be aware by now, TSS will NOT be moving into Zhongshan Soccer Stadium. This will come as a surprise, considering Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) kicked off our programs only a few short months ago.

The change came from an agreement reached between the Taipei City Government and the National Development Council (NDC), our government partner that brought the HeadStart Taiwan plan to life, acknowledging that the Taipei City Government has re-designated the future use of the expected stadium venue for other projects. As a result, the immediate next step will be the expansion of the current temporary location of TSS at Songjiang Road in Taipei to accommodate the growing operations.

Our strategy going forward? Embrace the change.

This change invites us to face head-on what startup founders have to deal with every day: Uncertainties. Scenario changes. Paradigm shifts. We regularly encourage startups to run their businesses with agility, ready to tackle the unexpected, and now is our opportunity to practice what we preach.

Despite the unanticipated venue change, what won’t change is the Taiwan Startup Stadium branding and the aspirations behind it. As I said in a post when we launched,

“startup entrepreneurship has a lot in common with what it takes to be an athlete on a playing field: excellence, competitiveness, persistence, speed, teamwork… we’d like to nourish and share these aspirations with entrepreneurs from Taiwan and around the world.”  

Our approach is connecting talented tech entrepreneurs with relevant resources, channels and networks by pragmatic programs we launch over time, so to expedite their growth globally - such as our Accelerator Bootcamp, international conference outreach, and Founders League mentorship. Having served as Captain at TSS for almost half a year now, I’ve come to an important understanding: the Taiwan Startup Stadium vision we are building is far more than a fixed piece of architecture -- it literally spans the globe. In a few months’ time we’ve built an extended network of startup founders & mentors here in Taiwan from Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi and Kaohsiung, as well as entrepreneurs either from or operating internationally in the US, HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, Germany, UK, France, Denmark, and even Russia. The level of feedback and support from the startup community, our mentors, advisors, industry friends and partners has been tremendous. We are extremely grateful for, humbled by, and charged with the good will around the globe.

The TSS mission is to internationalize the Taiwan startup ecosystem. While you could say we’ve just pivoted, our spirit remains unchanged.  

Taiwan startups, GO GLOBAL!

「台灣新創競技場 Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS)」原訂今冬遷入園區預定地台北花博園區中山足球場,在台北市政府規劃下足球場將另有長期使用計劃,國發會伙伴和台北市府達成共識將為台灣新創競技場另覓新家,近期內,目前位於國發會松江大樓的台灣新創競技場籌備處將持續並擴大推動相關新創服務工作,國發會杜紫軍主委也為此發表了一封臉書公開信

我回想過去近半年從零到有籌備開辦 TSS 的點點滴滴,某種程度也好比創業家們每天要面臨的課題,在在考驗耐力、抗壓力、應變力、體力。再完善的營運計劃、再完美的產品技術,也難免碰到外在環境不預期的重大變數。

TSS 下一步?擁抱變化。

草創之初 TSS 營運團隊自各方伙伴的扶持和指點中學習良多,其中我個人深刻領悟到,基於TSS促進台灣創業生態圈國際接軌的遠景下,團隊致力一點一滴建構的不僅是個實體的創業園區或大型建築,而是一個自台灣出發而跨越城市、跨越國界的創業能量網絡。我們接觸到的在地創業團隊來自台北、新竹、台中、嘉義、高雄等地,海外創業家版圖也佈及兩岸三地、美國、新加坡、馬來西亞、日本、印度、德國、英國、法國、丹麥、甚至俄羅斯。接下來,我們期許透過TSS平台串聯全球台灣科技創業家的信念和業務,從台灣建構國際創業的人脈體系和資訊體系。

衷心感謝一路給 TSS 團隊支持力量的各方伙伴朋友和 TSS 團隊健將們。轉個彎,繼續前行。

Anita Huang, Captain 執行長 黃蕙雯