Startup FAQ 創業快Q: Accelerators



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And now, we want to hear from you!

The good news:  As the Taiwan startup ecosystem grows, more and more founders are applying to global accelerators like 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Chinaccelerator, Techstars, and JFDI. This is awesome!

The less-good news: When you’re located in Taiwan and applying to programs overseas, it can be hard to get your questions answered by someone in the know.

That’s why we’re asking founders to share your questions about applying for accelerators. Through our upcoming programs and online content, we’ll aim to answer your questions as best we can.

Just submit your question via the form below. (Submit as many questions as you like!)


倒數中,台灣新創競技場的第一個大計畫即將推出,想要率先知道嗎? 記得去註冊我們的電子報和追蹤我們的臉書推特


好消息: 當台灣的新創生態圈蓬勃發展時,有越來越多的創業家準備申請海外加速器,例如: 500 StartupsY CombinatorChinacceleratorTechstars 和 JFDI。太棒啦!

沒那麼好的消息: 當台灣的新創在申請海外加速器時,通常都很難得到專業人士去解答問題。


所以,你想了解哪些呢? 只需要提交以上表單,你就可以盡情地問問題!