Startup education in your inbox: 5 newsletters for startup founders


For startup founders, the hectic schedule of managing a team, building product strategy, and fundraising can mean very little time for keeping up with the latest news in the startup industry. What's a busy founder to do? Here are 5 great ways you can keep yourself up to date just by checking your inbox:

1. Startup Curated

Like its name suggests, Startup Curated is a well-curated weekly digest of useful content for startup founders. Every issue is packed with great articles, and no junk!


2. Distrosnack, by 500 Startups

Our friends at 500 Startups sure know how to deliver great advice on startup growth! Daily emails from #DISTROSNACK only take a few seconds to digest, and always come with a delightful GIF. Subscribe, and you won't be sorry!


3. First Round Review, by First Round Capital

First Round Review is a must-read that brings together the best ideas and writing from top influencers across the industry. One of the best startup industry newsletters out there.


4. Mattermark Daily

If you want the pulse of the startup industry, look no further than the fast-growing startup Mattermark. Subscribe to the company's Mattermark Daily, and you'll have plenty of great articles to add to your favorite reading list app.


5. Startup Digest

Actually a selection of dozens of reading lists and local event digests, Startup Digest has weekly newsletters on every topic imaginable. Some of our favorites include the Startup Reading List, Women Entrepreneurship, and Startup Communities. Plus don't forget to subscribe to Taipei Startup Digest for the latest startup events happening in Taipei. For our friends in the south, the Southern Taiwan Startup Digest has you covered!