Cheers! Taiwan Startup Stadium Partners With CellWine To Hold “Investor Wine Tasting Night” For First Time!


TAIPEI, July 31th - Taiwan Startup Stadium has recently partnered with CellWine to hold its very first “Investor Wine Tasting Night”, seeking to gauge interest from local and international investors as well as educate attendees on the intricacies of wine and wine tasting on. The event attracted various angel investors and VCs such as CDIB Capital, Infinity Venture Partners, Taipei Angels, and the like.


CellWine is a technology company that develops wine management software and provides wine storage and marketplace services. Founded in 2017, it has attracted over 100K downloads, with over 10K MAU and has quickly become one of the Top 5 wine apps among other competitors such as Vivino and Wine Searcher.  So far, CellWine has collected data on more than 500K bottles of wine from users.

Compared to traditional startup-investor meetups, the CellWine x TSS Investor Wine Tasting was organized in a way such that attendees not only learned about the startup’s current business model and fundraising plans, but also had an opportunity to learn more about the complexities of wine directly from CellWine’s founders. Mario Fang, the co-founder of CellWine, kicked off the wine tasting night by sharing the advice and steps on how to taste wine like a professional. “To me, wine’s charm is actually in its taste. Its flavor would be different depending on different ages, grapes, and terroir. The more experience you gain with different wine varietals, the easier it will be to detect and identify characteristic wine aromas.”


Following Mario’s sharing, Eric Tang,  the co-founder and CEO, shared more regarding the future plans and technology used behind the service. For Mario and Eric, CellWine’s mission is not only to make a wine app, but also an end-to-end wine management service, which helps users to organize and import their wine data, track the wine valuation, as well as exchange and purchase their wine via marketplace.

Powered by SaaS, IoT, Blockchain and AI, CellWine recently just launched their “O2O Smart Cellar” in June 2019. This “O2O Smart Cellar” offers a well-developed and comprehensive service to their users with physical wine storage space enabled by IoT. “We’re taking advantage of advances in technology. Once new bottles coming in, we use AI to identify and create special identities for every bottle of wine, then integrate Blockchain to track wine’s status in the cellar - as to make sure they are stored in an appropriate environment. Our goal is to attain 50,000 bottles in CellWine Cellar by end of this year. ” says Mario.

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Coming back from NextRise Global Conference and Market Entry Bootcamp powered by TSS in Korea last month, Eric sees a great potential in big cities where wine storage might be a major problem. From Eric’s perspective, Korea is now CellWine’s biggest overseas market followed by Japan, France and South East Asia. Eyeing on global expansion, Eric and Mario’s are currently looking to raise funds. “We’re eager to showcase to investors that wine management and investment has their strong potential everywhere.  It was great to have Taiwan Startup Stadium along to help us reach more investors and VCs interested in wine, and to see how we revolutionize the wine industry by technology! Eric elaborates.

CellWine x TSS “Investor Wine Tasting Night”

CellWine x TSS “Investor Wine Tasting Night”

“There’s truly an actual need for amateur wine collectors who are looking for new tools to organize their collection. However, there’s no other company providing such complete service now. It’s definitely a potential market to watch.” says Brian, Manager of Investor Relations and Accelerator Program at Taiwan Startup Stadium.

CellWine is planning to raise 300,000 USD to optimize the software system, develop C2C business model, as well as explore the global market going forward.

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