A Sneak Peek into the Behind-the-Scenes at TSS: Act Two! TSS 實習生在忙什麼? 讓他們親自告訴你!


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Act Two: A Journey of Self-Exploration - Manifest Your Potential!

                  DEMI LIN

                  DEMI LIN

Congrats! Reading this means you’re one step closer to TSS and your internship job.

Generally speaking, Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is a hub that aims to help Taiwan startups go global and to promote Taiwan. Yet, after working here for more than half a year, I found that in order to fulflil the goals of strengthening the Taiwan startup ecosystem, TSS has done a lot more than I have expected.

For the past 8 months, I’ve been through several events, including Smart Health Forum, Term Sheet Bootcamp, CEO Day, Pitch Day, Homecoming, and so on. (These are the relatively big events. We’ve got more!) However, for me, the most impressive one was actually the visit to Hahow, which is one of our Starting Lineup members. Not long after I joined the team, I was asked to join the visit to Hahow. At that time, I barely had any idea of the startup ecosystem and all the proper nouns. Yet, through that visit, I had a chance to talk to their CEO and join the meeting to learn more about their company and get the latest updates. It was a brand new and challenging experience for a college senior, but it’s the norm to all the TSS interns. Here at TSS, interns are not just here to make copies, run errands, and clean the office, but we are here to take on projects and responsibilities. Sometimes, you might even become the project lead. Take myself for example, I am now conducting the website overhaul, which is related to UI/UX. As the saying goes, “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna take.” Before joining TSS, I had no background in design, but I guess that’s why I applied for the internship job - to learn new stuff! Learning new stuff is always hard, but if you don’t step out of the comfort zone, you never know your limits and potentials.

To sum up, I enjoy working at TSS. It digs out my inner potential of writing blurbs, doing logistics, and design. If you are someone who would like to experience the startup culture, have a better understanding of the startup ecosystem and work in all English environment, then you are definitely the perfect match for TSS. Come work here, find out your potentials, and rock TSS!

            GARY NIEH

            GARY NIEH

At first, I was just looking for an ordinary design studio or an advertisement company for an internship, but boy o boy did I hit the jackpot! TSS has so much to offer, it's like a dream job for all interns.

At TSS not only did I learn how to work efficiently and creatively, but most importantly how to work smart. As a member of the marketing team, and an amateur designer, I had the chance to design so many things that are beyond my imagination. From designing stickers, pamphlets, cool cards, bags and packaging to event planning, analyzing statistics, website design, and even branding design. Although the process might seem very challenging as there are always so many things going on, it's the feeling of accomplishment that makes me grind harder and harder.

I think the best part of an internship at TSS is all the startup related events, for instance, term sheet bootcamp, CEO day, homecoming, Rock the mic, etc. Every event helps me get much more familiar with the startup industry while learning at the same time. I really appreciate TSS for giving us interns such valuable resources, and hopefully, I can learn more before my internship ends.

Overall, this internship has been extraordinary, I’ve learned so much, grown so much, and most of all, I’ve met some truly great friends and colleagues along the way. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. It's been great being able to work here, hopefully, you can rock on and join us too!

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