A Sneak Peek into the Behind-the-Scenes at TSS: Act Three! TSS 實習生在忙什麼? 讓他們親自告訴你!


Act Three: Key Takeaways from a Startup Enthusiast!

           JARRETT LU

           JARRETT LU

As a person being so passionate about startups and entrepreneurship, I have been studying this field through books and the internet. Until last June, I realized that these sources couldn’t satisfy me anymore, and I figured that doing an internship was the best way to take myself to a whole new level. Speaking of internships, Taiwan Startup Stadium’s diversity and global-oriented goal appeared to be the perfect fit for me; I did apply and got accepted. That was when the whole journey began. . . 

By looking back at what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown into a young professional, I wouldn’t regret a bit joining TSS as an intern. Here, I’d like to take the chance to share with you a few of my major takeaways:

Analytical Skills

What’s a bounce rate? Is having a high bounce rate a good thing? What’s the difference between a bounce rate and an exit rate? Those are all jargons and knowledge from Google Analytics. As a student majoring in both International Business and Advertising, I am quite familiar with these terms. However, it wasn’t until working on TSS’s website analytics project that I truly understand what they mean, and how they can evaluate and help optimize the performance of a website. Under the guidance of TSS mentors, I managed to generate the first-ever Google Analytics report of TSS official website, and it was taken as a reference for our website overhaul. This project not only sharpened my analytical skill but also granted me a chance to really contribute and make an impact.

Overseas Business Trip & Firsthand Stories

How many companies are willing to take interns on business trips? I guess not many, and TSS is one of them. What’s more, they are willing to let interns take on responsibilities. Last October, I was assigned to organize our business trip to Macau International Startup Week in November. During the 1-month preparation, I served as the contact person between Macau organizers and TSS, and also held an orientation session to brief the attending startups details of the event. On November 24, I went on a business trip along with our GM Holly and 3 promising Taiwan startups (H3O, Medical Augmented Intelligence and PKLOT). Given this opportunity, I got to learn how to represent a company professionally; I got to have profound conversations with the startups and know more about the teams and their business models; I got to observe a different startup ecosystem. In the near future, TSS are taking two interns to the US and Thailand respectively. Want to explore the global startup scene? Join TSS!  

Not Just Startups, but the Complete Ecosystem

If you are a startup enthusiast like me, you should join TSS. Here, you not only learn from awesome Taiwan startups, but also from corporate mentors, investors and other key players in the startup scene. There’s a lot of precious treasure at TSS. Be ambitious, be proactive, and go dig out all the knowledge from some of the most amazing people in the ecosystem.   

Hope my experience helps you get a better picture of the internship. Fascinating, right? So what are you waiting for? Just go on and apply!

We hope you have enjoyed hearing how our interns have learned and grown through their experiences here at TSS and that their stories have given you a better picture of life here at TSS.

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