A Sneak Peek into the Behind-the-Scenes at TSS: Act One! TSS 實習生在忙什麼? 讓他們親自告訴你!


You may wonder what it is like working as an intern at Taiwan Startup Stadium. Well, why not listen to some first-hand stories from our current batch of interns? Our five brilliant interns each give a detailed account of the challenges they face, the problems they work on, and the fun they have at TSS! Hopefully, from their stories, you will get a glimpse into the TSS internship program!

We’ve divided their experiences into 3 Acts for your reading pleasure:
Act 1: More than Just an Intern
Act 2: A Journey of Self-Exploration - Manifesting your Potential
Act 3: Key Takeaways from a Startup Enthusiast

Now, grab your chair, sit back, and enjoy Act One! And of course, apply to our internship program!

Act One: More Than Just an Intern.


                   SKY HU

                   SKY HU

What do I do at TSS? Basically, I take part in event planning, blog-post writing, video editing, designing, etc. I do have the chance to truly contribute to the team; however, routine work like printing files or categorizing online documents are unavoidable and important. Perhaps, this is what makes TSS special, they don't treat us only as interns; more than that, they believe that we're able to accomplish more.

In the past 6 months, I’ve attended lots of events like Term Sheet Bootcamp, CEO day, Homecoming, etc. During these events, I was given the chance to meet amazing startups, investors, and experts from different industry. Furthermore, I’m joining TSS on the US trip, bringing 12 incredible startups to go global. I am super excited to face the challenges overseas.

The days at TSS have been an amazing journey. I’ve practiced knowledge in data collection and data analytics. I have gained skills in video editing and design. I have also gained hands-on experience in event planning. Moreover, I can always learn something from my colleagues, including my best intern partners. It’s been a precious experience working at TSS and hopefully, I’ll finish this program with a strong ending!



Can’t you speak Mandarin? Oh, I’m sorry to tell you that we are not able to hire you as our intern. :(
But you won’t hear this sentence from TSS! Trust me because I’m Thai and I’m here now. :)

The first day of my internship, TSS held an event called “CEO day”, inviting an experienced CEO to share business ideas with other startup CEOs. That was so awesome for an intern like me to hear how CEOs think and work. You definitely can’t get a chance like this if you are still only learning in the classroom.

After one week, I had a chance to talk with some startups to help them explore Thai market. Yeah, that’s part of intern’s job. You are here not to work on command. But you have to work smart - create things by your own and that is the way how you can learn from the real business environment. Don’t worry that you will work alone. We are a team. All TSS members are willing to help you and give you suggestions. Just think, do it, ask, and get feedback to improve.

One month later, I can say I’m so happy to be here. Working with TSS allows me to explore many new experiences. For a person like me with no clue about PR, marketing, or design, I still have a chance to learn and work on it. And I believe that I can do it, so can you!

Come and join us, let’s rock the world together!

Intro to Act Two:

Wow! Sky’s and Tarn’s internship experience at TSS really give a good recap of how we treat our interns. Here, you are more than just an intern, you are a part of our team! We expect you to have fun, but also to manifest your hidden potential.

In Act Two, our interns Demi and Gary will share the lessons and skills they’ve learned from their hidden potential! Unlock your potential by applying to our internship program!

Head over to Act Two!