Steve Chen: A fireside chat with the YouTube Co-founder


7/7 爐邊對談: Youtube共同創辦人陳士駿 Steve Chen

Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is excited to welcome co-founder and former CTO of YouTube, and co-founder and current CTO of Nom, Steve Chen, back to Taiwan to share his views on Taiwan Startups from a Silicon Valley perspective. Join us for a lively fireside chat on July 7, moderated by journalist Tim Culpan of Bloomberg Gadfly.  

台灣新創競技場(TSS)非常榮幸邀請到 Youtube 共同創辦人暨前任技術長、現 Nom 共同創辦人暨技術長—陳士駿 Steve Chen 出席返臺唯一大型公開活動,7月7日他將分享身矽谷連續創業家對於台灣新創的觀點,與主持人Tim Culpan (Bloomberg Gadfly 科技專欄作家) 精采對談。

Seats for this event are limited, so book your seat on Accupass ASAP! 名額有限,儘快前往 Accupass 報名參加!


*** 活動全英文進行。Please note that the event will be conducted in English. ***