Taiwan Startup Stadium: Brand DNA


We thought hard and iterated a few versions before we arrived at the name Taiwan Startup Stadium. Given most tech development districts worldwide are some kind of parkzonecity and so on, we figured the historic Zhongshan Soccer Stadium itself actually represents the pinnacle of awesomeness, ready to take on the future and become the home base of Taiwan’s technology startups.

Symbolically, startup entrepreneurship has a lot in common with what it takes to be an athlete on a playing field: excellence, competitiveness, persistence, speed, teamwork. By recreating the stadium as a startup workplace, we’d like to nourish and share these aspirations with entrepreneurs from Taiwan and around the world.

TSS 在定名前考慮過好幾個版本, 從過去數個月來和國內外人士討論台北大型國際創業園區相關計劃時發現, 原來其中最具有 cool factor、最具記憶點的居然是運動場所在地的特色, 中文命名也在邀集創業圈朋友們網路投票後定名為「台灣新創競技場」。象徵層面而言, 創業家精神、運動家精神共同追求卓越、堅毅、競爭、速度、團隊合作,園區所在的運動場域恰巧融合兩個領域的精神追求, 也是TSS團隊期待「台灣新創競技場」未來孕育的創業家精神。