Welcome to Taiwan Startup Stadium


This spring, we are excited to announce the soft launch of Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) -- virtually, for now. In 10-12 months, TSS will become the largest tech startup cluster in Taiwan and pretty much across Asia as far as we know: 100,000 sq ft (9,600 sq m) in a former soccer stadium in downtown Taipei. We envision TSS to be a lively campus, a village for high caliber technology startups to meet, grow, and excel. We welcome entrepreneurs from Taiwan and other parts of the world to grow their businesses globally, leveraging TSS as their home base.

Until our grand opening, Taiwan Startup Stadium will be operating at a temporary location near Songjiang Nanjing MRT in midtown Taipei, which will accommodate meetings, events, and small startup teams. Our programs, events, and site information will be rolling out soon in summer 2015.

For now, learn more about Taiwan Startup Stadium's origins, the stadium legacy, the team and stay tuned for more TSS bits to come!

Doors are open for brave entrepreneurs who strive to change the world!

之前被大家稱作花博國際創業園區的計劃, 2015年春季正式定名為「Taiwan Startup Stadium 台灣新創競技場」揭曉了, 未來台北市中山足球場經歷10到12個月改建化身為創業園區之際,「台灣新創競技場」應該會是全台灣、全亞洲最具規模的大型科技創業園區,  經過一段時間的醞釀經營,在我們的想像藍圖中台灣新創競技場將成為具有強烈企圖心進軍全球市場科技創業聚落,凝聚青年創業家的創意、技術、能量,自台灣新創競技場的本壘向世界投射。歡迎世界各地的創業家,一起來競技!



Anita Huang, TSS Captain