Taiwan startups: Apply by Nov. 5 for the next Accelerator Bootcamp

Pictured: Accelerator Bootcamp: Squad 1 program graduates

Pictured: Accelerator Bootcamp: Squad 1 program graduates

When we launched our free Accelerator Bootcamp as our very first program at Taiwan Startup Stadium, we didn't know what to expect. We had the support of our numerous accelerator partners, and our mentors Kai-Fu Lee (李開復) and Wayne Huang (黃耀文) generously lent their time to conduct mock interviews with the teams. We were also able to offer 3 round-trip plane tickets and up to USD $20,000 to graduating teams who successfully applied to overseas accelerators. But how'd we do? 

Here's Squad 1 by the numbers:

  • 54 teams applied to Squad 1, and 10 startups graduated from the program in June 2015
  • 5 teams have been accepted so far to accelerators in the US, Europe, and Asia (a 50% success rate!)
  • 1 team was even accepted and enrolled at two accelerators!

Announcing Accelerator Bootcamp: Squad 2

Now, we're excited to announce Squad 2, which runs November 15 to December 4! Squad 2 is an expanded 3-week program featuring hands-on classes, weekly office hours, and the same USD $20k opportunity for successful graduates. Plus, it's still free! 

Recruitment for Squad 2 has just begun, and we'll be accepting applications until November 5. We'll be choosing up to 15 top Taiwan startups to join the program, so don't hesitate to apply! 

Click here for full program details & how to apply

We're looking forward to receiving your applications! (Not a startup? Please share this announcement with talented founders in your network so they don't miss the opportunity!)

PS: We'll also be holding an info session on October 20 at the Taiwan Startup Stadium office. You can RSVP here.


這次我們準備挑選最多15個有野心想要走向國際的頂尖新創團隊!為期三周免費的「海外加速器培訓營」除了精實的課程之外,還包括完整的模擬加速器申請流程,以及一對一與 李開復 Kai-Fu Lee 及 黃耀文 Wayne Huang 進行導師面談時間!